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Extensive mergers and acquisitions, increased investments in R & D to create robust product pipelines and speed new products to market, the impact of direct-to-consumer advertising, the necessity for increased sales and productivity, and containing rocketing health-care costs are just some of the challenges facing the life sciences industry today.

Honig International is a full service value-added executive search and management consulting firm specializing in the full scope of the life sciences industry. We are dedicated to leveraging our industry knowledge and network to attract and retain the most talented and qualified candidates to meet the needs of our clients so they are free to focus on meeting strategic corporate objectives.

In addition to senior management roles in sales, marketing, executive management, strategic planning/corporate development and e-commerce, Honig International also brings an extensive suite of services related to technology and operational infrastructures, risk management and corporate governance which are areas that are becoming more critical to organizations by the moment.

Executive Search

Searches performed by Honig International are differentiated from other executive search firms in several ways:

  • The caliber of our search consultants and their knowledge of the industry and functional specialties are outstanding.

  • Our abilities to develop, build and maintain strong relationships both with our clients and candidates long after the search is successfully completed is second to none in the industry.

  • We present only the most talented and qualified candidates to our clients, streamlining the process for maximum efficiency and timeliness.

Search Consultants

Honig International search consultants have previous and extensive search experience in the life sciences industry in addition to years of large scale related industry experience. This combined talent enables the search consultants to have an in-depth understanding of client work environments, and to be cognizant of client needs. The executives at Honig International have extensive networks and high-level contacts throughout most of the life sciences organizations that enable them to tap candidates quickly and effectively.

The Client Relationship

Significant partnerships are formed between Honig International search consultants and clients, so a thorough understanding of the client’s organization, and nature of the position are established. We then streamline and thoroughly define the specific attributes the successful candidate should possess. The search consultants work with a senior management individual as a vertical process in identifying outstanding candidates that meet the specific technical needs and professional standards our clients require.

The most successful relationships are those we build with the hiring organization to help build a strong team of individuals. We are committed to developing the client’s organization and we believe this is the foundation of the long-term partnership Honig International achieves with its clients.

Qualified Candidates

Candidates presented to our clients are not only pre-qualified from a skill set perspective, but also subject to our proprietary screening process to ensure that the candidates also meet the client’s needs and cultural requirements which will determine their suitability. We only present the most qualified individuals to our clients saving them significant time in the interview process.

Honig International’s Life Sciences Practice includes searches in:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Health Information Products and Services
  • E-Health
  • Medical Devices and Supplies


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